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repainted gas tank 650l

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repainted gas tank today,do i need a neutral color between the gloss black and flat black?i was thinking a grey stripe between but wanted to get some ideas from the pros!thanks!
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I think it looks really sharp as is. I wouldn't clutter it up with another color. It's very stealth, which I like.
Does paint on a gas tank last if so, what kind of pant did you use
I think it looks pretty tough like it is! but if you wanted, you could use a sticker pin-stripe to see if you like it, and if not just peel it back off.
keithspoon70,i used automotive urethane basecoat clearcot for the gloss black then used a rattle can for the flat black.the gas tank is metal so the urethane holds up great since there is no vapors coming through like on a plastic tank.dirtyd851,yea i would use pinstripe tape on it so if it looked ugly i could peel it off.maybe i will try some tomorrow.
Has any one ever tried adding foam to the seat to give it a flatter profile like a MXer.....or cut the bottom subframe arms to lower the rear of the seat making it flatter?

It looks like you sit inside the bike instead of on it.

i wish i was taller but im 5,11 220lbs and had to cut my seat down since i use my bike for commuting so much.the xr doesnt have a removable subframe but i guess i could always cut and weld it lower.hmmm.i like the flatter seats too.
Either way looks really clean, but I prefer the look without the stripe. The stripe does, however, look factory. Awesome work as usual.
It's hard saying now...I think it looks pretty burly both ways!:thumbup:
yea i guess i shouldnt worry too much about it.i think i will leave the silver on till i get bored of it.then i can rip the stripe off and be happy for a few more weeks!
rockjocky,i used the stock steel 650l tank and cut the front section off then welded the wings on front to hold extra holds about 4.5 gallons now which is good for 200 miles.
The silver stripe is nice. Picks up with the silver on the rest of the bike
and brings it all together. Good job :clap:
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