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Registration for August 16 Race Open

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Registration for the August 16th Race @ Colonial Beach Dragway ( ) is now open.
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As soon as I figure out how to embed the pdf file for printing out I will do so.
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I want to reiterate a couple of things from other threads since this is the official registration thread. Forgive the redundency.
There is no additional cost other than track entry to race.
The track is rudimentary, cones / hay bales laid out in the paved pit area with a small dirt section. Currently there are no jumps but the track owner is working with me to try and install 1 or 2 small jumps, basically nothing more than small bumps. IF we have enough turn out to make it worth his while for next season we will talk about installing a better dirt section over the off season.
Since these races are not sanctioned by anyone we will have to work corners ourselves when we are not riding / racing (this is one reason why there is no additional cost).
Classes are AM & EX divided into 250 (including DRZ400) & Open. If there are enough bikes of a certain type (i.e. mini's, DRZ400, Sportsman, etc.) we will adjust for more classes. I want to try and have 2 classes for each rider to race in but I don't want grids with 2 or 3 racers on them.
We will have practice followed by Lunch. Heat races will be gridded by registration date / time. Main races will be gridded by heat race results.
I will not be riding so I will be available for safety / problem resolving. I will tech your bikes in your pit area.
Any discrepancies will be resolved by the best judgement of the event coordinator. The decision of the event coordinator is final on the day of the race.
What I am trying to accomplish is in no way, shape or form trying to detract from ESMRA. I am first and foremost an ESMRA racer. What is trying to be established is further venues to the South that ESMRA can incorporate into future schedules so racers from VA and points South do not have to drive 5, 6 or more hours to every race and to generate interest from the local community to support and grow SM racing.
See you at the race (FYI there are already some exciting new developments for race #2 in September that will be on the flyer for it next month :D).
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Mapquest and the directions on the website don't like eachother. I tried to get an aerial shot at the track and all I could find was an oval? Maybe I'm not seeing the right location.
Mapquest and the directions on the website don't like eachother. I tried to get an aerial shot at the track and all I could find was an oval? Maybe I'm not seeing the right location.
The directions on his site are for going North from Richmond, VA.
Coming from the North (DC) you get off of I95 @ Fredericksburg, Route 3 South. Take Route 3 to Route 205, turn left (the only way you can). Take Route 205 to Route 631, turn right (the only way you can). The track is on the left at the end of 631 where it rejoins Route 205. If you miss Route 631 you can just stay on Route 205 and go through Colonial Beach and Route 205 will take you to the track, there is an entry from it as well as Route 631. The local Sherrif told me to inform everyone that the speed limit on Route 631 is 45MPH and he will be enforcing it on race days.
You can also take Route 301 South from the DC area until you come to Route 205, turn left. Then follow the above directions to Route 631.
I don't know about an aerial view I've never tried but there is no oval track there, it is a drag strip. The pit area could appear as an oval with a 120' paved strip coming off of it but you would also be able to see the strip too.
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Mapquest and the directions on the website don't like eachother. I tried to get an aerial shot at the track and all I could find was an oval? Maybe I'm not seeing the right location.
Yeah, I cant find 631...i'll post up the aerial if I find it.
631 appears to be longfield Rd as well.

Look right?
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That's it, thanks thug. You beat me to it I just got done pulling it up in another window. If you zoom in a little bit more on the upper left corner that is the pit area where the track will be. The dirt section will come off of that and run alongside the paved spur making a flattrack type turn and tieing back into the pavement. This will be the longest straight coming back to the dragstrip with a hard u-turn for backing it in (similar to E-town's old track t1). Another u-turn and a left gets you running along the strip (chicanes thrown in to keep speeds down) and a hard left onto the dirt at pit A9 crosses you over to the other paved section of the pit. Hard left gets you headed back, again chicanes to control speed. Hard right gets you onto the dirt section. I want to put a jump onto the dirt section and another prior to the flattrack corner if I can. The dirt between the paved pit area will just be a straight.
Here's a quick sketch of the track I did on the hood of my truck for the insurance company, I'm too lazy to open AutoCAD and do a real rendering.
View attachment 45946
I laid out the track Sunday and it will actually have more turns than this but you can get the gist of it. The shaded areas are the dirt sections.
The track owner is also going to open the snack bar for us but since we have no history he won't know how much food to prepare so it will be cooked as ordered.
The event will be run rain or shine.
Remember, your grid positions will be determined by your registration date so the earlier you register the better your starting spot.
I have been giving serious consideration to keeping minimal classes (the 4 I originally started with) and running a 1 heat race - 2 moto final with the overall winner being decided by combining the points from both motos.

Edit: Some people have been asking for the track address so they can mapquest it. I don't know the actual track address but the house directly across the street from the entry is 189 Longfield Road.
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Just a quick reminder to everyone that this is coming up next Saturday. Please try to pre-register, the more paperwork I can do before the event the less I have to do the morning of the event. This means that you get out on the track quicker. :thumbup:
Since they have a race on Friday night I cannot set the track up until Saturday morning and if I'm doing registrations I won't be setting up the track.
Also the more pre-registrations I have the better I'll be able to determine what extra classes we can have so everyone can maximize their racing time.
There is so much logistic crap involved I don't understand how Sonja, Tony, Pete and everyone else manages to make things work so smoothly on race weekends. Y'all should go out of your way to thank them for every race they put on. :clap: Sonja has also generously offered to come and help me with registrations, logistics & everything else that I have no idea what I'm doing and I would like to offer my deep appretiation for the help. There have also been offers from individuals who are not racing to come work corners so that should also help with everyone being able to spend time racing. Once this is complete I will try to give everyone credit for all of their help.
Again, please try to pre-register so that part of the puzzle is in place and we can concentrate on everything else that needs to happen on the 16th.
See you at the track. :thumbup:
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Will there be a class for mini's? I want to ride half the day then head down to VIR.
Will there be a class for mini's? I want to ride half the day then head down to VIR.
There seems to be a lot of interest from the minis so there will be a class for them.
Also it has been asked if 4 wheelers can run. Yes, but if you want to run a 4 wheeler it is imperative that you pre-register so that I can ascertain if there will be enough racers to fill out a grid.

I'll try to upload some pics of the track later if I get time. We were working on the dirt yesterday until we blew a hydraulic line on the hoe. We'll finish it up on Wednesday. There will only be one small jump due to interference with regular pit areas, some people pay a fee to have reserved pits for the whole year and I can't mess up their pit areas.
On a better note I looked at alternative areas for the dirt section for next year and we will be able to put in a real dirt section that will be larger, and change the track configuration, as long as we get enough turnout to keep the track owner interested.
I'm going to have a small practice run on Wednesday to see if I need to adjust anything on the track. I could use one or two more riders, if anyone is local to the track and would like to participate send me a PM or call me. It will be around 7:00 in the evening and only about an hour or so. :bike:
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