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I have a 2010 KTM exc-f 250cc that I’m looking to rebuild, engine swap or part out/sell

it’s been set up for super moto
It has an Athena 280cc big bore kit
165 hrs 7500km
Looks like it’s been on road most of its life
I’ve just found out it needs the top end redone which could cost me anywhere between 1-3k because of the big bore kit and pending whatever else needs to be done once we open it up and inspect.

ive been thinking maybe I should just buy a bigger engine and swap it in if it’s possible (450-530) instead of rebuilding and it would give me more of the power that’s desired for sumo. But I may run into needing to rebuild that engine as well.
Also thinking I could just buy a similar year model 450-530 and swap some of the parts over sell the rest and have a new sumo without the engine swap hassle, but again that may end up needing a engine rebuild because my budget for a new bike isn’t huge.
Or do I just bite the bullet and rebuild the 280cc big bore engine and know that my top is good and have the piece of mind but with less power than is desired for road use / sumo

I’m pretty new to motorbikes in general I usually play with cars but I’m getting hooked to 2 wheels so I need some advice from some of you experienced moto heads please
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