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This should be easy, but I am having a hard time trying to figure out what sumo wheels to get for my 2010 690R. At this point I think the front and rear axles are the same at 26mm, but I think the back might technically be a 25mm axle...I'll check again.

The biggest hurdle I came across looking for a wheel set, is that the rear axle of my 690 is about the same size of my front axle and most of the sumo wheels out there are for a front 26mm and rear 20mm axle.

What setup for a 2010 690R do you guys recommend? Can I buy the KTM PowerParts tubeless, or are these set for the 26mm/20mm bikes? Any tips where I can find SMC wheels for the newer 690's?

I am currently looking at maybe buying the 2010 KTM SMC stock wheels at around $1300 shipped. is there any better deals out there? best bang for your buck?

I could use some advice on this.
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