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hey guys, been a long time, cause I've been living in Nicaragua...finally got a real bike down here, picked up a wr250X (2011), but the rear shock is a goner and it's not cool when riding in flip-flops all the time on fire codes and rutted out trails.

It's impossible to get any Yamaha parts, but luckily I'm coming stateside on the 29th of June.

So, if anyone has a shock sitting on a shelf we can send off and get re-valved and re-worked so I can bring it back with me, that would be super cool...I'm pretty sure mines damaged inside as I have been riding bucking bronco style for months now.

it's all dirt and rutted out single track, so I think a Wr250R rear shock might be better if it's roughly the same length.

Any leads, if you know someone...would be cool. oh, need a front axle too:)


[email protected]
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