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Rear rim on front?

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Ok, so it's probably been asked before but I have a rear 17" that's just the right size for my front supermoto. Can I just get a 4.25" rear and lace the old rear rim to the front hub with the right spokes? I've heard both "no it's impossible" and "yeah sure".

Before I unlace my wheels and find out halfway no go, does anybody know? :D
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Sai Werd said:
Also, your rear hub is wider than your front so the angles are different. i went through the same thing when I converted my DR650. It just doesn't work.

Ahhh. I have a DR650 too! So you're telling me it is absolutely positively impossible and then some to put the rear on the front then!
Well it seems I need two rims, I guess perhaps I'll keep the stock set and spoon a set of serious knobbies on it!

I'm located in NY too BTW, though I keep a standard plate to bring less attention to me from the cops. ;)
Not much. Hence my desire to Supermoto the DR.

I'm downstate in NYC. Now you know why the supermoto idea sounds better the more and more I think about it.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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