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Rear rim on front?

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Ok, so it's probably been asked before but I have a rear 17" that's just the right size for my front supermoto. Can I just get a 4.25" rear and lace the old rear rim to the front hub with the right spokes? I've heard both "no it's impossible" and "yeah sure".

Before I unlace my wheels and find out halfway no go, does anybody know? :D
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Also, your rear hub is wider than your front so the angles are different. i went through the same thing when I converted my DR650. It just doesn't work.
Basically. I talked to a few rim builders who told me you can't. Sorry!

Check out the deal that East Coast Wheels has been running. Your hubs laced to Excel rims for $600, or $500 for the rims and spokes and you do it yourself! It was well woth it for me. And they are great people too. I had one problem with wheel alignment, but that's pretty typical from what I hear unless you give them your bike to lace up to.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to write. And good luck!
Where in NY? Do you ride trails?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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