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Rear rim on front?

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Ok, so it's probably been asked before but I have a rear 17" that's just the right size for my front supermoto. Can I just get a 4.25" rear and lace the old rear rim to the front hub with the right spokes? I've heard both "no it's impossible" and "yeah sure".

Before I unlace my wheels and find out halfway no go, does anybody know? :D
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Buchanons spoke and rim said you cant lace rear to front due to the different lace pattern. :hmmm:
just change front rim, put 110 or120/70 rubber on it and cram the biggest rear street you can,130/70 on your stock rear 17"er. you'll be out of wack untill you change the rear but you'll be on the road. :arsenal
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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