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Hello all,

I'm about to buy a Drz rear master cylinder for my KTM 690 to be able to install a rear hand brake. KTM has a crappier Brembo rear master that can't be rebuilt as the Nissin rear master fitted on the Drz.

However, the threaded pushrod connecting to the uniball on the KTM is 6 mm and I need to know if the pushrod on the Drz 400 also is 6 mm before purchasing. Most of the Nissin rear master cylinders seems to have a 8 mm pushrod.
It's kind of hard to tell by the ebay pictures and the sellers aren't too interested in giving me this information

So if any of you guys can measure the pushrod on you bike I will be forever grateful (and buy you beer when you come to Sweden!)
Model year would be great to.

Thanks a lot!

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