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Hi fellow supermoto addicts!

I recently installed an akra titanium header and cans on my 2013 SMC R. Needless to say, without the re-map, it stalls especially when riding in traffic. Even stalled once when I was on the highway! My speed was 108kph on 4th gear when that happened. Luckily, I was able to free fall to the roadside safely. That's when I decided to stop procrastinating and learn how to do the re-map.

Already downloaded the TuneECUv2.5.5 software and did a research on how to upload the .hex files to the bike. This is my first time to do a re-map and I want to be cautious as much as I could when I dabble with such technical stuff. even says "wrong maps will damage your engine" or something.

My question now is, are the 233EP and 233FI maps compatible with the setup of my SMC R? Other than the akra header and cans, I also installed a BMC high flow air filter. Everything else is stock. I understand that the 233 maps are for the Evo 1 kit. However, I read on other forums that these maps will basically work if akra header and cans are installed. Just want to know what you guys think.

Thanks fellas!
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