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Your credit card company (if you purchased with a CC) may be able to help you. If not, there is always small claims court. Not sure that a decal set is going to be worth your time and money for court though. Depending on your purchase price, you might be better off chalking this one up as a learning experience.
race styles is a graphics company located in germany. I don't think you'd want to go through all the trouble sueing a company overseas for something like this.

dEnA, try to work it out, I know guys that have dealt with them before and they all had good experiences with race styles. keep your cool and don't start with the "customer is always right" approach because that will make pretty much any company turn their back on you. clearly explain to them what bike you are running (what are you running anywho?) and what parts are changed that might or might not be different. right now I think they're affraid if they send you a replacement set it still won't fit your bike because you might be running plastics that do not match their graphics, should this be the case then sending you a second set would'nt solve anything.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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