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Questions on 08 Aprilia sxv 550

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Hey everyone,

New to the forums but long time lurker ahaha..

So, I've read quite a bit on the 550 had a few questions for some people who own/had one.

The bikes an 08 with 6,500 km on it which is around 4,000 miles. Buddy is asking $6,500 but its been up for a few months seems quite high compared to some of what people sell on here. ( wish i would find someone that would ship to me on here! )

I know about the maintenance but of course not everything, I'll be riding about 3 days maybe 4 max figured roughly plan to ride about 600km max a month so about 2 oil changes every month and a half or so depending how i ride.

I've read that you gotta replace the piston and that every 9,000km ( about 5,500 miles ) is this correct? I've seen one guys whole motor go boom with only 7,000km (4,300 miles) on it which that makes me step back a little..I'm not worried about the oil I'll just make that my weekend drinking chore ahaha. But possibly replacing a piston ext. every like 6km thats a bit much for me

Also I haven't read anything about gearing has anyone tried to change the gearing so the motor doesn't work so hard?

So, just wanted to get some info that I get to read from my own post about the bike before I pull the trigger! If anyone can let me know anything else about the bike personal experiences that would be perfect!
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I would check the oil fill cap next to the left hand side handlebar. If you see a white residue the bike need a refresh as its getting coolant in the oil. I have an 08 and love it to death. at 6800 miles I started to see the white stuff. it was the end of the season so I pulled the motor and had it refreshed. $1500 later it was a brand new motor and ready to rip. Just like any motard you will have to keep an eye on maintenance. But it is well worth it! :bannana: I use mine for the street and the track. I paid $6100 used with 1500 miles on it so your price is a little high. I would have him drop it by at least $1500

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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