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pull head on '07450smr?

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Can I get the head off with engine in frame, or do I need to pull engine from frame.

My stockhead has a casting void, dripping oil, BMW Husky shipping new head July 1st.

Just figure to get ready this weekend.....
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Also, anybody know the threads on the flywheel for 450/510's?
Only the 04-07 250f can be,,,,well,,,,beheaded in the frame, pull it! Sorry.
no prob, thanks. It looked like a no-go.

Ordered a puller today from RMatv 26x1RH if I remember right.....

Anybody else waiting on parts from Husky? Apparently, no shipments from BMW/husky warehouse till July 1 due to new ownership.
Pretty sure everyone has been waiting to get parts. The main U.S. parts warehouse is moving it's location right now.:bike:
My 05 450 had to remove engine. Tried to remove cylinder head studs but they didn't budge so I didn't force the issue and take a chance of ruined cases. 1 hour extra and nice time to clean them hard to get areas. Funny that the factory didn't alter something cause it was a matter of a 1/4 of an inch.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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