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I've found a very nice '06 CRF450X within a days drive of where I live. It was purchased new in '08 and has 40 hours on it. Looks very, very clean from the pictures. Best part is, it's already titled and plated in my state, even though it is still in dirt form. It's $3,750 firm. That's a little over KBB.

Problem is, I see lots of the same bike selling for $3k or less but they aren't titled and plated. I'm trying to allow some extra money for the dual sport kit and the fact that it is already street legal, but I'm having a hard time dropping almost 4 grand on something that is 5 years old when I can buy a new one for $5,600 (well, a new leftover '09). I don't even know how hard it is to get something plated here, but I sure don't want to get stuck with a bike I can't get tagged.

I need some help making up my mind, and I need to let the guy know pretty quick.

What says the hive here? Keep looking or snatch it up? Deal or no deal, based on the limited information provided?

Any input is appreciated.
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