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I'd like to take a moment to praise Dirt Freak, the parent company of Zeta Racing (handlebars, handguards, levers, etc) and DRC (the Edge taillight among many other products).

I bought a used Husqvarna SM610 in mid April and immediately started throwing accessories at it (exhaust, bars, etc). Among the products purchased several were made by Zeta:

SX-3 Handlebar (1 1/8") in supermoto-mid bend
RX Clamp Kit (oversize, 1 piece bar clamp - VERY few companies make them to fit the Husky 610).
Armor Handguards with Bend - anodized red
XC Flasher Protector (plastic for the handguards with LED signals built in) - Black

All of the products fit great right off. The red handguards with black plastic protectors looked sweet on the red/white/black SM610 and the RX bar clamp is complete, functional bling.
Sadly, after a month, the red anodizing on the handguards was now looking pink (damn, I KNEW that happens sometimes but I forgot about it when I ordered) and after two months, they were going kind of orangish (puke) pink.

I checked the Zeta Racing website for contact info and sent an email off to their parent company, Dirt Freak, in Japan. My main objective was to inform them that their red anodizing was terrible but I also asked if a black set of replacement handguards was possible. They emailed back the next day to thank me for the feedback and said they'd be happy to replace the handguards but that their black fades a bit too and would I prefer silver?

I opted for the silver and 5 days later, I've got my new handguards and the full mounting kit to go with them. :thumbup:
The fit/function of their products is great so knowing that they have great service as well is very nice. I definitely prefer the look of the shiny new red handguards to the silver but the silver (actually kind of a metallic gray anodized) is WAY better than the orange/puke/pink faded ones.
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