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This is mostly meant for those with road bikes (after all, this IS a supermoto forum). But if you have riding gear, let us know what you use. Feel free to post pics too!

HJC AC-12 Carbon [$420 MSRP]

HJC AC-X3 Carbon [$420 MSRP]

Troy Lee Designs Speed Jacket [$239 MSRP]

Troy Lee Designs Pro Apex Gloves (black) [$80.00 MSRP]

Looking to get a new Alpinestars leather jacket instead of using my TLD one all the time. Looking at the Alpinestars Spinner jacket for $300... Also gotta get a new visor for my full-face HJC helmet...maybe some shiny metallic one, or a nice smoke colored one.

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for gear i have:

- Alpinestar TZ-1 leather jacket in red/black/white.

- Scorpion EXO-700 full face helmet in flat red.

- Setup(low end Sidi) Vision boots in red/black/white.

- Held leather gauntlet gloves in black with carbon fiber knuckes.

i am happy with all of it. have it all left over from when i had my red 03 Kawi 636 a couple years back.

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hjc ac12 carbon. the one with no graphics. and a kbc with the fighter plane graphics and a solid black shoei as spares.
agvsport jacket. i bought it new two years ago and it didnt fit, but it does now.
fox mx gloves that are probably 3 years old but still new. i had to retire my axo gloves from 03 because i was tired of stitching up the holes from them wearing out, but no wrecks.
jeans and black dvs shoes.

ive been thinking about one of the under things like the tld speed jacket, but i dont know if i would rather have that and a shirt or the leather jacket right now.

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I just bought all my gear in the last month or so... and all on closeout, thus saving a LOT of money.

Bell Moto 8 helmet -- $150 (MSRP: about $390)
Bought from and I'm happy. For the price you can't beat it, plus it comes with a really nice helmet bag & spare visor!

Joe Rocket Supermoto Jacket -- $180 (MSRP: about $400)
Bought from and I'm happy with it for the most part, except for the following:
1) an extra pocket or two would be nice (only comes with 1 inside).
2) Needs snaps or velco on wrists to keep zippers from opening.

Alpinestars Tech 3 boots -- $140 (MSRP: not sure)
Bought from and I like them a lot. Break-in took a while, but after a half dozzen rides they are working out VERY well for me.

Technic Chicane leather pants -- $135 (MSRP: about $275)
Bought from and I like them a lot.

Joe Rocket Supermoto glove -- $45 (MSRP: not sure)
Bought on eBay. I wouldn't recommend them though for 2 reasons:
1) Several of the stitched on pads are coming undone.
2) Not enough wrist protection in my mind. I'd prefer to have a glove with more of a guantlet. This is more like a moto-x glove in regards to wrist protection.
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