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Here's my little Dizzer...


Athena 434cc BB kit
Head ported and polish
BMC air filter
3x3 mod
MRD SSW full exhaust
APE Manual Cam chain tensioner
Suzuki supermoto appearance kit rear plastics
IMS 3.2gal tank
gas tank filled with fuel cell foam
Mishimoto oversized radiators
All Balls tapered roller steering stem bearings
Drive Systems Superlite sprockets
RK XSO 520 chain
HEL braided brake line
Brembo radial caliper
DP RDP pads
OEM brembo R6 master cylinder
Braking 320mm rotor
R6 throttle
Ballistic Lithium 4 cell battery
Lynked performance fork and axle sliders
DRC footpegs
Where can you get these rear side plastics?
101 - 108 of 108 Posts