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details? it couldn't be THAT drop and go could it? i've hardly seen any twin exhausts on a drz
it was all done by me and i;m no mechanic so it isn't to hard there was no special tools needed just a hacksaw exhaust putty but a welder would be handy ;)

no its not plug and play all the time depends on which system you have to be honest.

you have to cut the link pipe of the drz in half as the crf is to short.

smaller systems which are around 45mm ish diameter will slide straight in but mine is nearer 50mm so it took some expanding and swearing but i got it there.

i spaced the cans out using some more tube so i could use 2 holes in the subframe where a rack would go and just spaced out accordingly to try and miss my rear tyre.

here are some more detailed threads:
1 - 5 of 109 Posts
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