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Possible to true rear rim with tire mounted?

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Hey guys,

I moved my rear 5x17 Behr rim a little to the brake side to make clearance for 160 slick on my '07 450 exc.

I want to make sure the rim is still true and not too far out of round top to bottom and side to side. I ride mostly on the street, but have track day this Saturday.

How accurate do you think it will be to true the rim with the tire mounted or do I HAVE to take the tire off? Trying to save some $ but not having to pay shop to remove and then mount and balance the tire again.

Doesn't seem to bad side to side right now. Measuring top to bottom is going to be tricky with the tire mounted though. Any thoughts?

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Wrap a piece of solder around the swingarm and go straight up then over to the rim in a 90 degree L shape, use that as your indicator. Works just fine for shade tree truing.
Its OK to true with tire on rim--

Easy way to do it is to use Red and Blue Magic Markers--

Spin the wheel and brace the marker against the swing arm-
Slowly move the marker closer to the rim -
it will mark the High spots on each side of the rim--

Use different color marker on rim so it dose not get confusing
after a while--

Put some penetrating oil on threads to make spokes easier to adjust--Jay--
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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