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So last week I took my 2018 701SM to the local dealer for its first service. I hate to do this for what is essentially an oil change but want to comply with the warranty rules so just sucked it up. Anyway when they searched for the bike on the computer it flagged up a service bulletin for a change to the decompressor weights. I was a bit bummed as I would have preferred to use the supplying dealer to do this as I trust them where as the local dealer is an unknown entity. I went against my hunch and let them have at it. Since picking it up it is intermittently not starting on the first push of the button. Must be dependent on where in the stroke the piston stops, it is similar to a weak battery but the battery is spot on. It is like the auto decomp is not working.

So I rang the dealer to discuss, they had no explanation (other than to blame the battery- yea thanks) but they said they were in the process of doing the same to another bike and would call me to let me know how it went and sort out rectifying mine. So that was 3 days ago and now they seem to be avoiding me. I rang the supplying dealer who has carried out 3 of these bulletins with no issue, they confirmed that the auto decomp seems to not be working and advised to not ride it until its resolved. The dealers seem to know little about why the change to the weights is being made but it should surely not be making starting worse. I think this bulletin has only come out in the past couple of weeks so I just got unlucky.

The supplying dealer are happy to look into it but they will have to charge as its not their screw up and its no longer a service bulletin. Whats worse is that they cant fit it in for 3 weeks

So I guess the question is has anyone else experienced similar?

I really dont want the offending dealer to go anywhere near my bike again but im in a bit of a fix. Its their responsibility but they are clearly incompetent. Im tempted to take it apart myself but then if I find other damage I dont have a leg to stand on.
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