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Plated Wr450f In Texas

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I just went to the tax office today, and I walked out with a license plate! I can't wait to put some miles on. The inspection was very easy, and the lady at the tax office didn't even ask a question as to why it specifically says on the MSO that it is not for street use.

I don't chime in much, but I do a lot of reading. Thank you all very much for the insight and tips.

I still need to get a smaller front fender. Any advice as to Cycra/UFO/Acerbis?

It says the pic files are too large to load. I'll have to turn the res down and take some more.
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Pictures please!

I'm just messing with you dtlaine! :D

Please post a picture. We'd like to see it! You should be able edit the pictures in your folder. Highlight the image. Click the image editor software at the bottom and then select image at the top. Then you can select stretch/skew and change the percentage. It should read 100 change it to 90 and then save it. Check to see if it will fit. If not repeat until it fits. It's easy. Some of the newer software is better. My computer is a couple years old.
S won
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