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Plated Wr450f In Texas

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I just went to the tax office today, and I walked out with a license plate! I can't wait to put some miles on. The inspection was very easy, and the lady at the tax office didn't even ask a question as to why it specifically says on the MSO that it is not for street use.

I don't chime in much, but I do a lot of reading. Thank you all very much for the insight and tips.

I still need to get a smaller front fender. Any advice as to Cycra/UFO/Acerbis?

It says the pic files are too large to load. I'll have to turn the res down and take some more.
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wowww another Texas Motared where? ..Hopefully Dallas...:)

Acerbis for the summer looks like a piece of plastic from Star Wars lol(big mess when is rainy!!)
Cycra looks more like a cut stock fender
Maier makes one too and i think is the cheapest one and looks similar to Cycra
We should hook up someday and ride well after i change gearing on my bike,now is a dog on highway use :( Also is a karting track in Norman Oklahoma where they accept Supermotos, you pay $50 and you have the track all day long!
We should go to Norman for some tracktime supermoto style! :) Second Supermoto onwer from Texas! :phatyo:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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