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Plated Wr450f In Texas

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I just went to the tax office today, and I walked out with a license plate! I can't wait to put some miles on. The inspection was very easy, and the lady at the tax office didn't even ask a question as to why it specifically says on the MSO that it is not for street use.

I don't chime in much, but I do a lot of reading. Thank you all very much for the insight and tips.

I still need to get a smaller front fender. Any advice as to Cycra/UFO/Acerbis?

It says the pic files are too large to load. I'll have to turn the res down and take some more.
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dtlaine said:
Yes, that is the Baja designs kit. I wish the rear turn signals didn't stick up like that. The picture in the instructions is for a WR400, and the sides of the rear fender were pretty vertical on that model. They're angled on the 450. Oh well. I tried riding w/out them, but I really don't like to. Another thing is that legally, I only have to have one brake light switch. The one that comes w/ the kit wouldn't work well w/ the front brake, but I'd really like to have a switch up there. I might get the front master cylinder/lever from a newer R6 to put up there. It has an integrated brake light switch as well as a lot more fluid in the resevior.
i had signals that stuck up like that on my xr400. they look goofy, AND they're toast as soon as you lay the bike down. i use this tail light on every bike now. works well, looks factory, and is crash proof:

i use a k and s brakelight switch with my brembo mastercylinder. i really don't like having the brakeswitch on the rear, since i rarely use it while street riding. works great on the front. DO NOT use a master cyclinder from a r6 if you're still using the stock caliper. it'll work like garbage. there's plenty of mastercylinder/caliper thread here which are worth doing a search on.
dtlaine said:
Thanks for the advice. What tail light do you use on every bike, now? What brake setup do you have? The stocker seems to work very well (w/ the 320 mm rotor), but I'm sure I'll push it harder as I get used to this motard thing. I'll probably need more stopping power at that point. The only reason I use my rear brake in most situations is to make the light go on. I'll check that K&S switch.

Thanks a lot. I'm always open to advice.
sorry, forgot to attach the image. ufo tail light w/ integrated turn signals. i don't even bother taking em off for races, just tape em up.

the stock caliper is fine with a 320mm rotor for street use. i seriously doubt anyone needs more than that on the street. i've got a braking caliper/brembo master cylinder combo which is AMAZING. a hot set up is the motomaster caliper/honda trx $80 quad master cylinder, but that's a whole different thread. to be exact, it's this thread!:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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