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PKA membership for Mac Track is the Sprint/RoadRace/Moto Combo membership. The price is $200. It is a family membership and includes all immediate family residing in the same household including children under the age of 21. This membership allows you to practice at Mac Track for the member rate of $25. It also allows you access to the track during the week (non-hosted) days by checking in and paying at the fairgrounds office (call ahead to verify track availability and hours).

For an additional $150 you may also purchase an additional practice pass which allows you to use the track for $10 rather than the $25 regular member fee. This more than pays for itself if you plan on using the track a lot or have more than one family member using the track as the practice pass also covers family members.

If you sign up or renew your PKA member by March 8th you will also receive an additional $50 discount. I am attaching the link to our membership page that has the forms and contact information.

March 14th is our scheduled PKA track cleanup day. We have several projects that need to be completed before the season opens, any help that we can get from PKA members on that day would be greatly welcomed. Hope this info helps!

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