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Since a lot of new users find it difficult to post pictures in threads I decided to take the time to write up a guide on how to do it. Bulletin board code is pretty straight forward and is very similar across most of the different forums you may come across. This is because even though the site focus may be different the underlying server side software is Vbulletin, and is one of the most widely distributed forum engines available to site administrators.

Enough techno mubo-jumbo, lets get started.

Step one.
The first thing you will need is a service to host your images from. This is because SMJ just doesn't have enough storage space to house everyone's digital images and videos, so you will need to provide your own hosting. Most ISP's provide a limited amount of web based storage, however this is usually very limited and you will probably run out pretty soon if you upload lots of photos or even a few small video clips. In addition to the storage provided by isp's there are several free image hosting sites on the web including ImageShack, Flickr and photobucket. I use photobucket which provides all the storage and transfer you could want. If you elect to use another service the uploading process may differ, however the way you insert the images is the same on SMJ.

So, first things first go to and click the red button in the top right and sign up for an account. I'll assume since you have an account on SMJ you can create your own account.

Step two.
Now you are at your album home page. You can add photos right away by clicking the one of the three browse buttons and choosing the picture file on your computer; You can upload three files at once by using all three slots before you press the upload button. Once you have selected all of your photo's click on upload and they will be added to the album you are currently in. TIP: Create albums to put your files in before you upload a lot of photos. Moving one or two photo's is pretty easy, but moving a lot of photos later after they are already linked in threads can be a hassle.

Step three.
Now you will see your photo's in your album displayed as thumbnails, with three sets of code tags below it: URL, HTML and IMG Code. The URL is the URL of the full size photo which you can view in a browser directly, HTML is the href to put the image inside a web page and the IMG code is what we use on the forums. simply copy the IMG code snippet to the clipboard and paste it into your thread. It is really that easy! TIP: PC users can simply click the highlighted code and it is automatically copied to the clipboard. I use Firefox and Camino on my Mac and this feature doesn't quite work, even though it says "copied" when you click the code.

I hope this helps.
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