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Pics of me and a buddy racing.

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Thats Blayne^^^^^^

Thats Son^^^^^^^

Thats Blayne^^^^^^^

Thats Son^^^^^

Thats Son^^^^^^ so fast it bbbllllluuuurrry

Thats Blayne^^^^^

Thats Blayne^^^^^

Thats Son^^^^^ leading the pack

Thats Son^^^^^^ abit clearer

Pretty fun little Ole 88 just wasnt fast enough for the 90's and Blayne's monster!!!
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is this Oklahoma Tulsa? Blayne moved up there right?We went to a trackday together.
The mini's rule!!
I gotta get to the track and beat up on the cr80.
Pics look like you guys are having a good time! Mini-on!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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