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PICS - KTM demo rides at Daytona

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KTM had a little track set up in the parking lot behind Hops. :clap:

They had 3 or 4 bikes and you could demo ride as long as you want. :thumbup:

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The truck's an '04 and I've enjoyed owning it after a string of full size American trucks over the last couple of decades. I installed the TRD supercharger and 7th injector early on and it hauls & tows well. The tailgate is indeed a bit flimsy, so I covered it with aluminum plate where the wheels sit and so far no problems. We too have a bunch of different bikes, but mostly only the lighter ones get tossed into its bed.

The newest Taco is far nicer when it comes to hauling as its composite bed can be had a foot longer AND in combination with the double cab. Plus, the new 4 liter runs almost as well as a supercharged 3.4. :)
so what did your buddy end up getting the bike for?????
AV8OR said:
so what did your buddy end up getting the bike for?????
The deal was pay retail for the 525 MXC and they tossed in all of the extra motard stuff.
Ladies and gentlemen...boys and girls...the KTM set-up will be at Laguna, but we'll be running the show!!! KTM have given me the task of running their new Supermoto school that will be travelling around the nation to support the new upcoming Pro/Am series, as well as the AMA series. I know I'm probably gonna get a million questions now, but I'll do my best to answer them all. The schools will start at the end of April (probably in SoCal somewhere). We will have 525, 450, and probably some 250/4's to ride. Keep your ears open for details as they are announced.


-Danno :thumbup:
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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