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PICS - KTM demo rides at Daytona

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KTM had a little track set up in the parking lot behind Hops. :clap:

They had 3 or 4 bikes and you could demo ride as long as you want. :thumbup:

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What time were you up there? I hung out under the KTM tent for an hour or so. Too bad I didn't see you there. Some guy with jeans on slipped out on one of the corners and ripped his knee up bad.
Yeah it was pretty cool. The line had about 12 people at most so it only took about 15 minutes after you rode to ride again :Funny: . Like Supermoto7 said, the 525 is very tall but the brakes are great. My CRF is much quicker but its got a little motor work :arsenal . The 525 is a great bike out of the box, but I wasn't impressed with the way they set up their demo program. I don't understand why they would have 525mxc's with supermoto kits on demo when you can't readily go out and expect to buy one like that. They only had one 525smr and you couldn't demo it :headscrat . And by the way, I knew more about the bikes there then the KTM guys did :lol: . It was kind of pitiful. Some guy asked about the difference between the SMR and MXC and the KTM guy said one has e-start and the other doesn't. Umm there's a few more differences than that.
Any one know the dry mass of the ktm or the wet mass of the CRF and a hp # for the 525?
KTM 525smr

1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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