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PICS - KTM demo rides at Daytona

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KTM had a little track set up in the parking lot behind Hops. :clap:

They had 3 or 4 bikes and you could demo ride as long as you want. :thumbup:

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Cool bikes. I also had a double cab Taco, an 02. I loved that truck. Unfortunatly the first time I hauled a bike in it, a BMW 650 Dakar it bent the tailgate!!!!??????
The bike was in the center and of course the rear tire was resting on the tailgate during the haul. In internal support in the tailgate broke/bent and made a very ugly protruding dent on the outside of the tailgate. Toyota said the tailgate was not designed to support the weight of a motorcycle wheel! I have some other bikes that are even more of a pig than the Dakar, I think that thing would have folded like a cheap suit if it would have been one of them. The Toyota did have incredible trade in value, I took advantage of it one week later.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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