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Perris Track

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Does anyone know the details on how Apex Raceway in Perris, CA. When do they hold practice, how much, how long, etc...

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Their site has been "under construction" for a while. If anyone does know, please post.

Apex hours

Check out the thread below,
If you manage to get out there, please do me a favor and make a post saying what the track is like, # of motards, describe the dirt section, etc. Thanks.
i havn't ridden it in a couple of years, and that was my first track day ever, on my lc4. i remember the track having some patches that were very very slick. overall, i think it's in between amago and grange for traction. when i was there it had a really nice dirt section. a long mellow table jump, left hairpin, small double, then a small kicker back onto the track. it's definitly worth atleast one trip there to check it out. last i knew they were only open on thursdays for bikes.
So is anyone going to Apex today?
I'm pretty sure they only allow supermoto bikes on Thursdays, which is unfortunate. They've always advertised "Weekends Coming Soon" but I don't thinks that's ever realized.
Is Perris going to have any track time available for motard this weekend?
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