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If you have the Q4 series FMF you'll be fine. Anything else and you'll probably be too loud. Your 06 SMR should have come with the EXC pipe- hopefully you still have it. I'd hate to see you guys come all the way out and not be able to ride. We take the noise issue very seriously. The reason we can't use Pat's on the weekdays is because of the noise. Any effort you can put into making your bike quieter on any track is really important for the future of Supermoto; not just here. The difference between 96db and 100db is friggen huge. Remember it's an exponential scale.
The 96db rule isn't there to protect your hearing...all it takes is one loud bike, and we could loose this world class venue.

With all due respect, I hope you can make it!

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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