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7th!! Nice!! I cant believe I remembered what side the throttle was on!
And how about a 20min race! Man I was gassed by lap 4! Andy Cule almost beat me on a 250 by the end.
huge props to Parker Bros and the guys from PMP, Honda and Mosport for making this happen. Hopefully we'll see you again next year.
Oh and a huge thanks to Alex for letting me ride that super fast Honda, the bike made me look better than I actually was!

PS another report in MXP is on the way!

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Two flats!!! I was thinking of running Metzelers on my bike, maybe not now hehehe.

How did you get the flats? Just bad luck?
don't know yet to be honest.. The first flat happened in practice for no reason, then the second must have been in the heat race cause when I pulled the bike off the stand minutes before the final, the tire was flat. :headscrat

so yea.. but the day was good despite it all.. lots of riding! I'll make sure next time no flats Jabouri. you looked lonely there in third! nice ride little dude! :bike:
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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