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Hey all,

Just thought I would ask here for some painting tips. I have got some good tips already in my build thread, but figured that I have so many painting-only questions that it deserves a separate thread.

First up I should mention that all these parts being painted will be soda blasted to remove any dirt etc. I will be spraying the paint with a conventional spray gun, finishing with 2k clear at a minimum (probably 2k throughout unless it's prohibitive for some reason).

So here's my plan: I want to remove the casting marks and get the triple clamps looking good, then paint them black. I am thinking I will Dremel down the casting marks, but not sure how much sanding I should do? Will there be any problem with paint sticking? I suppose not, as long as I don't smooth out the surface so much that it's nearly polished? I will get all the appropriate primers and paint etc. from my local paint shop, but I'm just wondering about prep for a part like triple clamps?

Also I need to ask this question at the paint shop - but is there any kind of hi-fill primer that will give a nice smooth finish when done? Or just use more coats of paint with sanding in between?

Next up is the swingarm, I also want to paint it black. What is the best prep here? Okay just to clean it up and shoot the primer & paint?

Then I'm also thinking about doing the engine in black wrinkle coat... but the problem is that I don't know how to suspend it to be able to reach every angle at once. I was not planning to tear it down, but I can imagine it being a bunch lighter and more manageable with the internals removed and just the cases bolted back together. Then again it's not that heavy (KTM 380, 2 stroke), maybe I could just throw some rods through the mounts and hang them by ropes?

I am also repainting the engine side covers, but I'm not worried about those because they have been previously painted.

It's just the plain aluminium parts that I'm wondering about... Not sure if they come from the factory with any kind of clear anodizing or other finish, or whether that would even matter to painting?

Cheers for any prep tips. :thumbup:
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