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OVRP this weekend, June 11?

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anybody going? forecast looks fishy but i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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I have TimeWarner cable and I called to get the dvr Friday afternoon so I can set it all up before leaving for the track Saturday. If I can hack into it the following week and get the video off the sucker I'll sure get something in your hands.

2Fast4FatGuys said:

if there's any way you or somebody could burn me a dvd of that race, i'd sure be willing to pay or barter for it. we don't have oln out here. i could get you a disc with some pix from the world championship round i took (which are supposed to be in the new ish of supermoto racer).

any takers?
So, far I count only 3 of us. Not sure if they will run sessions for us unless we can get the number up to at least 7.

Anyone else?
I am sure there will be enough guys, I know a few going that are not on this site. This weekend I will not make it but I will be around for the 18th. I have never heard of this 7 person rule before either, I am sure if you show you will be able to run. I have gone just about every weekend in the past month and a half and we have always ran. Have a great time!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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