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OVRP this weekend, June 11?

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anybody going? forecast looks fishy but i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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I am in the same boat as Joe, I will be there on the 18th. I am headed out to Montauk this weekend.
I might have to do that! haha.. My parents have had a house out there for 15 years now. My dad is a local fisherman, Gosmans def. has good food!

PS you got the 525?
I am def. in! I have been in touch with the owner Mike. He actually just emailed me saying he is looking into a date for us.
I am sure there will be enough guys, I know a few going that are not on this site. This weekend I will not make it but I will be around for the 18th. I have never heard of this 7 person rule before either, I am sure if you show you will be able to run. I have gone just about every weekend in the past month and a half and we have always ran. Have a great time!
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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