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OVRP this weekend, June 11?

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anybody going? forecast looks fishy but i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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ugggggg. thanks guys.

guess i'll have to wait to give that 525 a workout.

make sure you hit gosman's for lunch while you're there, Jolly.
i ate at gosman's last week. got a 2 pounder and it was dee-lish!

yah, got the 525. picking it up on thursday it looks like. have to get used to riding with slicks! a bit worried about warming them up in only 5 or 6 laps a la cuddy.

hope this bike is not 2 fast 4 a fat guy...... :lol:
KneeDown426 said:
might wana think about some warmers... :thumbup:
yeah, but then i have to get a generator too. packing all my crap is complicated enough!

anyone of you guys on slicks use warmers? i know the guy on the smr who went down twice 2 weekends ago had those treaded pirellis on the bike...
yamahauler said:
I emailed OVRP this morning to find out if there would be supermoto practice also and they said there would have to be a minimum of seven of us . Who is in ?
picking up my bike, can't make it this weekend.. but its a good reason not to be able to go :thumbup:
youngblood said:
It was good meeting and talking with you last night, Doc.

I don't think we should have any problem getting 7 out there Saturday. It is the weekend before the next race so there will be plenty of folks out there.

I'm planning to get there early to beat the heat and the early finish time. Gotta be back home by 4:00 to watch the AMA Supermoto race on OLN anyhows. :thumbup:

if there's any way you or somebody could burn me a dvd of that race, i'd sure be willing to pay or barter for it. we don't have oln out here. i could get you a disc with some pix from the world championship round i took (which are supposed to be in the new ish of supermoto racer).

any takers?
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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