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"Round 4" 6/21-6/22 Yee haw....

Pats has a one time yearly fee of $12 for your membership license. Everyone pays that their first time out.

Saturday practice: 10 am till dusk-- shared with karts

PKA member $20. Non PKA member $35

Important...Normally the practice fee is $40. This weekend fee applies only to the two Nwmini events at pats.

Sunday race day: Registration at 8am
Practice starts at 9am
Races start at 10
All the classes you want for $55

Camping is free

Hope to see a great turnout. I promise we will post up the points tally soon.

See you at the races:D OSM

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Is it totally noob friendly? Saturday is practice day? Can I go just to practice? Whats the racing like is there a beginner class?

I have been racing OMRA Offroad XC this year, but tota noob to supermoto. (Pretty much a noob offroad too, I ride Open C in that)

I just got my supermoto setup on my 07 450 EXC.

Is there dirt? not sure what would happen when I hit dirt on slicks..havn't tried that one yet.

It says camping is free, is there room for me to bring my 6x12 trailer and my dog, and camp out? I would be coming from Bend, OR.
Plenty of room for your trailer. Dirt yes, no problem with slicks. If it R#%ns we wont run the dirt.

Saturday is just practice. Its real easy going. This series is been put on to grow the ridership and the sport, so please come out and bring a friend. ( your dog is cool ) Welcome:D
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