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Hey guys, Ths is a little marketing, but since I contribute a fair bit here, I thought it might be OK.

You guys know I work for , well, this year we have a one-on one program that just kicks ass. If you sign up you get a coach for the entire day. He will work with you one on one on track and off track. We use one way bike to bike communicators so we can give real time instruction on track. For some students this can be the most powerful learning tool I've seen yet, for others, it may not work. We will customize your program on the fly.

You will have every other track session to yourself to FREE RIDE and work on your coaching points.

Anyway, it's been a huge success and I believe I have one spot open in the advanced riding group for July 26th at NHMS in Loudon NH. Details are at PM me if interested.

I will also be at NJMP Sept 27th and 28th.
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