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Oil for the SMR?

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Hello again,

I want to do my first oil change soon and so here's the often heard question: which oil to choose? I know my SM450R has Agip Racing 10W-60 full synthetic from the factory but my dealership gave me some Castrol Act-Evo semi-synthetic 10W-40 to use since it costs half as much. Is this better or worse for a street tard?

I know that the second number implies oil thickness at high temperatures so the Agip is made to stay thicker at higher temps. However, I've heard many people in the sportbike forums saying to never put full synthetic in an engine that is still under a few thousand miles. I'm not sure how an 4-stroke supermoto would be any different. Can anyone help me out here?

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Oil always starts a crazy debate it seem.

Here is what I do...
Buy a name-brand oil in the weight my manual calls for...use it until it's dirty...change it. Only thing to watch out for is the "energy conserving" (I think that's the name they stick on it) oils. They can be hard on your gearbox.

Personally I use Mobil1 synth ("Red cap"...people call it sometimes), I don't care about the cost as I don't need but two quarts of the stuff. But plain old Dyno-juice is going to work just fine, especially with how often most Moto users seem to change the stuff.

Only reason people avoid full syth in a new engine is that it can work so well (anti-wear) that it prevents your parts from seating properly with one another. But it seems many motos have a breakin period that is measured in hours and not miles. So if you feel like putting in syth, hell, just do it. If you find your rings are not seating properly, then just switch back to dyno juice for a while and it'll sort it out.

Personally I'm more worried about the starts falling out if I tip the bike over.
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