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nother newbie from az

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So I took a stock XR 200 with dual sport tires to a super moto practice with no dirt. I enjoyed it but noticed a lack of power brakes and traction.
I then went out and got a 2000 yz 426 with 17s and slicks.
I took the bike to a flat track and had a good time with some friends.
This weekend I get to go to my first motard practice on a motard bike.
Really looking forward to it.
I hope to learn enough to eventually qualify for an AMA motard, but I really have no idea how fast or slow I really am.
my background is road racing, vintage mx, and recently flat track.
I started racing in 1985 at willow springs in california.
Got an AMA pro license in 1992, did some 250 GP races starting in 1998.
Now I am a fat old grampa teaching people to fix bikes at MMI in phoenix AZ.
I currently own about 16 bikes.

Dale Whelan
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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