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I just sold all my toys including my WR450 and im looking for a new bike. Im a big yamaha guy, my dad has worked for the company for most of my life in way or another so im pretty loyal.

My problem - Im looking at an 07 FZ1 or an 05 Vmax. I know the bikes arent even in the same league but I had an 05 FZ1 once upon a time and i absolutely loved it so i figured the new FZ had to be one sweet ride and from what i hear its not as terrible as the 06. from an aesthetic stand point its a pretty PHAT ride.

Now the Vmax, the king of power crusiers. The one i am interested in has all the mods on it that i would have made myself, i had the dealer fire it up for me this afternoon and the exhaust note shook the parking lot. Its is one bad mother! But the max weighs 2 tons and handles like shit, plus the brakes are nowhere near what they should be on a bike that size. BUT IT SOUNDS SO GOOD! And they are quick and command respect from everything they come across on two wheels.

Im having a hard time convincing myself that the FZ1 will be as fun to ride as the max. Even though you can really only ride the max hard in a straight line but the bad ass factor is enough to sway my decision.

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