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Hi everyone I am from the north west corner of new mexico, I recently bought a 2011 FS570 and have been browsing these forums sense for any information regarding the bike I bought and the sport in general.

I have ridden for about 15 years now and current own a 2000 yz426 as well.

Have seen a couple of guys on here that are very knowledgeable about the FS570 and looking forward to picking your brains.

Mods so far: Ignition map switch, had dealer do fuel map, SAS and canister removal, FMF 4.1 Ti slip on.

Have yet to see another supermoto in the area, plenty of enduros running around. Anyone else in the area on this forum?


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Congrats on the bike!!! I had few questions... looking to get the same bike..
Hows the fueling on the Bike ? whats the range on tank of gas ? what are the services intervals ?
hows the suspension setup ? I'm big guy 6'1 220 pounds... it the suspension plush or firm ?

Thanks in Advance

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Hi Karna,
I had posted on some time back on my fuel economy. Here is the post.
"I have a FS570 2011 and have been keeping track of mileage at my fill ups.
Miles - Gallons - MPG
1444___1.987____ 50.33

This is with 91 octane fuel at an elevation of 5400ft.
Mods: SAS and canister removed, Remapped, map switch set to 2, FMF 4.1 Ti
Commute riding back and forth to work (mostly)"

So about 50mpg. I have been using the trip calculator on the speedo for a fuel indicator, I set it to zero miles at fill up and when its getting close to 100 miles I know I'm gonna run out.

Oil is like 15 hours on change if I'm not mistaken. The manual states all the intervals. If you have ever owned one of the race dirt bikes like a yz cr rm or similar the service intervals are about the same, with the exception of where it says after every race. I have been sticking to the 15 hour interval but it has been coming out so clean that I am thinking of stretching it out some, I don't ride it that hard and if I do a long or hard ride it gets changed afterward anyway. So I guess short answer, it has a race motor in it, service intervals are pretty tight.

As far as the suspension goes, it is like any of the new race bikes, more setting than a scrub like myself will ever know what to do with. I didn't really realize how firm the suspension was until I got back on my yz. It is super firm, setup for the street. But it has settings, I have been taking the suspension out a few clicks and doing offroad rides. It softens up a lot but still has a firmer feel that the yz. I could probably play with it a bunch and get a similar feel to my yz but taking it out some clicks has made it tolerable off-road and that's what I wanted so I quit adjusting it.
I am 5'9" 190 lbs. The stock suspension is shown in the book for 180lbs, so the suspension might seem a bit light for you, but getting springs always solves that. I have decided to keep the stock springs sense I am so close to the recommended weight and like the way the suspension feels.

Well there's a wall of text!

Hope this helps and please feel free to shoot more questions!
If your in the area I could even let you check it out.

I am loving my bike and would buy it again without hesitation.
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