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Hello y'all. My name is Nick and I'm new to the forum and supermotos in general. I was recently gifted an absolute DREAM bike of mine and that has, in turn sparked my first supermoto build. I have some pretty extensive bike history. Not so much owning them but riding them, I've been a Tech at Stanford Motorsports for about four years now and have tallied a a shitload of bikes. From old & New style VMAX, WR450', VFR's, Magnas, Sabres, shadows, CBR1000's, R1's, R6's, cbr600's, Harleys (gag), GT185, RD350, Kz1000's, XS1100, K1100LT, R1200c, as well as a crap load of ATV's. And that's just off the top of my head, that's just the perks of wrenching though.

Enough about me. Here's the bike!

This bike was GIVEN to my father to pay a long outstanding debt that had been written off long ago. He has no desire to ride it and knows I have been dreaming of one for quite some time. Without further Ado.

1987 CR500

IMAG0843 by ZOMG BIMMERS, on Flickr

She's a little rough around the edges but with some love I'll have her fixed up and lifting wheel in no time. I know a lot of you are thinking that's quite a big bike to start my supermoto experience but hey. Free is free :D also, it's worth noting that I am by no means a small person. I practically dwarf this monster.

IMG_247251262568 by ZOMG BIMMERS, on Flickr

This is not gonna be a fast build in the least. in fact. I'm off to Arizona in August to attend MMI and I will be there for a year, where I will probably spend the majority of my time on the CR in the desert learning how to ride it .

I'm looking forward to ripping up some pavement and shooting the shit with my fellow Hooligans :)
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