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Background: Purchased bike 3 and a half weeks ago and I now need to have my 600 mile service completed. Would like to have it done by a cert. mechanic for the purpose of keeping the manufacturers warranty valid. I bought my DRZ at Motorcycle Mall in Belleville but they want $215 and wont even give me a break because I don't need the oil/filter changed as I have done so twice already and would do it myself again now (also the service department manager seems to be ill-trained with respect to customer service and I would rather not deal with them at all). Pompton Honda on RT 23 wants $250 and my previous dealer/shop of choice, Bergen Sport Cycles, has since closed.

I am going to call Passaic Yamaha later in the day to see what they charge but does anyone know any trustworthy mechanics, preferably, in Bergen county that I can go to that won't charge a hyper-inflated amount of money to re-torque some bolts? :headscrat


P.S. I wasn't sure if this was the best place to post something of this nature so please direct me otherwise if necessary.
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