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What would be better?


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Hi there, i'm a long term bike mechanic and enjoyer, long term experience with motocross/enduro but am converting to supermoto/motard, i am stuck and looking for help/advise,

I currently own a Yamaha WR450F 2007 87hr, in an enduro spec and was looking to turn into a Supermoto,
now i have had the chance to get a SWM SM 500 R 2018 with only 3000 miles on the clock.

the problem is i do a fair bit of long road miles occasionally and have been told the WR won't last well for the continuous road miles.

has anyone got any info or idea on what would be best?
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I voted for the SWM SM500 R because the SWM has a 6 speed transmission vs the 5 speed of the Yamaha. Also the SWM's 6 speed gear ratios should be better suited for both supermoto and long road trips.

Yamahas are reliable. But, SWMs based on Huskys should be reliable too. You might want to check at the Husky Cafe: SWM Motorcycles | Cafe Husky
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Fwiw my SWM SM500R (motard) has no issues covering highway miles as long as I don't. It'll cruise happily at 70-75.
The SWM are the older Sweden Husqvarna design from before KTM bought them.
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