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I've been in a pondering state of mind with the MT07 and sitting with it as a meh, hmmm, maybe.

As a bike to ride it's great. But there's a few things it's lacking.
1. Slipper clutch
2. Character/pride of ownership.

I walk into the garage and I don't know it's there, it's just something in the corner taking up space. I don't love it, cherish it or feel even happy it's there.

So on my day out with mates at the weekend, I mentioned it and both commented with "well, you've debated one loads of times before and always wanted one, so why not"

A quick message with the wife gave me "it makes no difference what I think, you'll buy it anyway" and I rang PremierBikes and the rest was just a quick "what do you want for yours" followed by "have a word Daz, I want more than that" and a deal was struck.

So I'll be taking in the MT07 on Weds next week and in the not too distant future I'll be taking away this..

2022-05-07_06-04-25 by Steve Weeks, on Flickr

Which as you can see, is a KTM 690smcr with 460 miles on it. Supplied by Premier to Daz's mate who traded it for a 22 690smcr for the plastics and paint.

It comes with all the electronic gubbins like a QS, blipper and traction control. Along with a slipper clutch and more leg/knee room which will also help me. Despite my best desires the mt07 wasn't quite a happy place on the knee.

I know 690s, love 690s and as crust mentioned "you'll either keep it for a week or many years" and j absolutely agree with him on that.

So, on we go, let the games begin and bring on pembrey and Donington
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