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Hey everyone,

So the site told me to post because i'm new, so I figured why not? Currently sitting here in Afghanistan finishing up my tour, and plan to buy a DRZ400sm for my first bike. I have ridden that, a DR650, and a CBR600. BY FAR the most fun out of all three, but I am preaching to the choir. At first I REALLY wanted a CRF450r with a SM conversion, tagged and all in PA where I am from. After doing some research and talking to my buddies, I realize that it would be way too much maintenance and not the best first bike. You may have a different opinion, and that is perfectly OK!

So, here is my plan. I am currently looking to buy an 07 DRZ400s that has been converted, has a kick start, and apparently has been bored to 450.. Not so sure on that, my buddy is going today to ride it and he said he will let me know what it feels like. It is yellow, which I absolutely HATE yellow, so the first thing in the spring will be new plastics and tank. Ill likely just go with the acerbis kit and tank.. Not looking for anything special. Next step is headlight, I really like the acerbis cyclops, but I have heard it has a poor light output, so I am still doing research. I will do the normal, 3x3, carb, exhaust, jet, maybe cams, and eventually big bore IF it doesnt already have it. The bike already has Warp9 Wheels rootbeer color, and 320mm big brake kit with braided lines. All in all, if it is what he says it will be a very nice project, and daily during the spring and summer. And he threw a kick start on it, which thats always a plus!

The guy wants 4000 for it, has 3000 miles, not a HORRIBLE price but I will try and get him down a little. If anyone has any suggestions/comments/concerns/hate/trolls/anything! I am always open to things. Im one extremely excited to come home, and more excited to get on a DRZ! Just one last comment, if any of you see this and have one for sale in PA, please feel free to PM me!

Have an awesome day!
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