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New to the scene.

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How's everyone doing tonight? Just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Columbus, Ohio and I'm looking to put a tard together by the spring so I can ride at CRP, and of course the usual neighborhood assault.

I was wondering if anyone had tips on getting started. New vs. used? 450SMR vs. CRF 450? Ideally I would like to find something already setup, but the market for that isn't too great in OH. I would trade C-bus for Cali in a minute.

Let me know what you think. :thumbup:
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Unless you just really have a thing for Hondas and money really is not an issue. Then you'll be much better off buying a pre setup bike from Husqvarna or KTM. Hell some people have mentioned picking up 04 450smr from husky for around 6 grand or less.
Try to make a Honda for that. And if you want a larger displacement bike both of the above have bikes to make you happy.
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