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New to the scene.

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How's everyone doing tonight? Just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Columbus, Ohio and I'm looking to put a tard together by the spring so I can ride at CRP, and of course the usual neighborhood assault.

I was wondering if anyone had tips on getting started. New vs. used? 450SMR vs. CRF 450? Ideally I would like to find something already setup, but the market for that isn't too great in OH. I would trade C-bus for Cali in a minute.

Let me know what you think. :thumbup:
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The new Husky SM450Rs are in dealers now. You should look at them too. Cycle World gave their nod to the Husky over the KTM 450 a couple of months ago.
RMWitt said:
Thank you for the tips on the husky. I've been looking at them online unfortunately there is only one dealer I could find in Ohio and they are in bfe. I'm worried about parts, availability, etc. Does anyone know have advice or experience with this matter, and what does an '05 450 smr run off hand?
I'd go to that dealer and go for a test ride first, but your can buy Husky's online.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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