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Hi, just wanted to say hi. New to the mini crowd, but not new to bikes in general. I've been riding about 4.5yrs, i have an 06 ninja ZX6r and I just got an OGM 140SX mini last weekend. Thing seems like a lot of fun and I got it to refine some technique work with. No desire to go off road really, so I intend to put street tires on it and hit up the go kart tracks they have here with it as many others do. Here are a few pics:

I do have one tech related question. Starting! It's a kick start. The seller fired it over in 2 tries but it takes me a huge number more. I have the choke on before I start it, ignition key on, kick it down, no go, repeat! Question is, do I have to have the throttle cracked open somewhat as well? Seems I have started the bike with throttle 'on' and off when I did get it to fire. As I said, I've never had any experience with a kick starting motor, and I have no access to any owners manual so if anyone has any noob guidance for me, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!
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